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Supreme Chaos Records Titelbild ...

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Wow, wow, wow!
Dear fellows, something really heavy has arrived today...

"The Fall of allThings" Vinyledition (black, clear and splattered!)

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After several delays 2020 will start heavy with the release of our album "The Fall Of All Things" on vinyl!!! Don't hesitate to grab your copy now! Happy new year to all our friends and supporters! We hope to finally increase our number of live shows again and are already looking forward to meet you on the road! Feel free to book us for your events and venues so that we can bring the definite fall of all things in flesh and blood to your hometown! Cheers and all the best from the DUST camp! 🤘🍻🤘

Here's a message from Supreme Chaos Records:

"2019 cannot be covered with a few words.

It has been maybe the most challenging year in my life. There were so many lows, be it family or the label. Nevertheless it has been also a year which made a lot of corrections and changes necessary. If you are running into trouble there is only one way out: straight forward.

A lot of changes also affecting the label are still going on and a lot is about to happen in 2020.

I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people having supported me the last year, all customers showing a great amount of understanding for delays beyond my control or due to the heavy load that I have been dragging with me since end of 2018 which eventually became a lot heavier Spring 2019.
2019 has also been a quiet year for various reasons.

Yet I have decided to go on with this adventure and open a new chapter. As you all know Agrypnie have left which made me sad but there is no bad blood. Nocte Obducta are back on the label so basically Torsten still remains a part of the Supreme Chaos Records family. It feels like a trip to the past but with more knowledge, wisdom but still with the same passion like when we released the Nektar series together.

An old friendship also led to my appearance on Krachmucker TV. Funny enough my friend Goreminister also asked me about doing something together. I really have been enjoying shooting the shows. Talking with some friends - only thing that differs was the camera recording.

Finally there is also a new release. The DUST records have arrived from the factory. Again with delay caused by wrong promises from the factory. I will post some pictures and details about the record the next days. If you are into sludge / doom - just order it.

Staying in the doom metal genre, my long friendship with the The Ossuary guys makes me proud to have released their two records. I am always in close touch with those guys. They really deserve to be heard but it is kind of hard for a band from southern Italy with very atypical sound for this region.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask I will answer tomorrow - in 2020!

Robby // SCR

P.S.: You know I cannot keep my mouth shut: Buy records instead of fireworks! They will remain part of your life and will not just blow up in the sky and be gone. Or donate the money you have saved to charity..."

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09. November 2018 von Heiland
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DUST – Chemiefabrik Dresden

Yeah! On the 14th of October we´ll play at Chemiefabrik Dresden with our good friends SPANCER and SHEVER!dust-dresden
We´re very excited cause it´s our first time to doom Dresden.

Hope to see you there.



18. September 2016 von Heiland
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BambiGaloreSeems that Hamburg become our second Hometown….
This time we wreck the City with our freinds from SERPENTS GIFT and the mighty SATURNALIA TEMPLE!!!
It´s an honour and we´re proud to be invited again to play with such great bands!

Be there!

Yours Heiland!

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Saturnalia Temple – Doom/Stoner, Schweden

Dust – Sludge/Stoner/Doom, Bielefeld

Serpents Gift – Death/Doom, Hamburg


Einlass 20:00 Uhr // Beginn 21:00 Uhr
AK 12,- // VVK 10,-

31. Dezember 2015 von Heiland
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You need a Shirt!

Got some?







25. Oktober 2015 von Heiland
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We now have 5 brandnew songs ready with enough playing time for a new album but we are working on 2-3 more tracks to be released as an EP or whatever additionally in 2016.

It is an important fact that DUST currently operates as a four-piece due to serious health problems of our guitarrist Kay who is not able to play at the moment.
Time will tell when he will be able to return to the ranks. We are wishing him all the best and hope he can contribute to our sound again one day!

Stay tuned for snippets of the new material right here and on Soundcloud…



20. August 2015 von Heiland
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DUST dooms Hamburg again!!!





DUST live at Kracken – Bar Hamburg at 6 of March.
Together with mighty SHEVER we will „Release the Kraken“ !!!!!!

See you there


14. Februar 2015 von Heiland
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Metal Inferno Paderborn!!!


DUST will headline the „HEADBANGERS NIGHT“ in Paderborn – fly high and let it burn!!!!

Headbangers Night




 Metal Inferno – Headbangers Night

See you there – cheers!!!


19. September 2014 von Heiland
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DUST Hamburg Markthalle-Marx DOOMGROUND II

Thanks to all who supported us last saturday at the DOOMGROUNDS II Fest in Hamburg.
What a night! Cool bands and  a perfect audience at a perfect place!!!! YEAH!!!
Here some totally cool pics from schlachtbank.org – thanks for that!!


26. August 2014 von Heiland
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Hey there!

We love to announce that DUST will doom Paderborn again:

on Friday 19. September we will headline the METAL INFERNO Fest!!

More Infos: click here (Facebook)


See you there!!!!


30. Juni 2014 von Heiland
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DUST @ DOOMGROUNDS II – Hamburg Markthalle


We´re invited to conquer Hamburg on Saturday 23. August 2014 at DOOMGROUNDS II

More Infos: click here (Facebook)

Doomgrounds II




Hope to see you there!!!



30. Juni 2014 von Heiland
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